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what do we do ?

Simply put - we preserve properties.

During the lifetime of a building its fabric is exposed to a miriad of potentially harmful conditions of nature - water, fungus, mould and wood boring insects to name but a few. Over time and without careful preventive maintenance, your property can fall victim to these conditions and if left unchecked can be costly and time-consuming to correct.

Although all properties are potentially at risk, it is older properties which are more at risk as building regulations were not as strict as they are today with the result that many properties easily fall victim.

For example, the breakdown or lack of a suitable damp barrier in walls and solid floors can result in ground water soaking upwards from the earth under the building causing breakdown of materials used in their construction. The lack of effective treatment of timbers used in the construction of floors and roofs leaves them open to attack from wood boring insects and rot. Insufficient provision of adequate ventilation can lead to problems associated with condensation. Sub-standard roofing and flashing will be an open invitation to rainwater to enter and destroy the fabric and decoration.

Many of these defects can be prevented but unfortunately many times they do not become apparent until it is too late - a damp stain on a ceiling or a wall will often be the first sign of the presence of a defect which has been hidden for some time. Defects may be exposed during the course of having other works carried out. For example, the tell-tale signs of woodworm attack may be revealed when flooring timbers are exposed during the installation of electrical wiring or pipework.

Whether you require preventive treatments such as treatment of timbers to protect from woodworm or rot, or if you discover a defect such as rising dampness or a leaking roof we can provide advice and effective treatments to correct and stop any further damage to your property.

Our services include:-

  • An initial inspection to determine the existence and extent of any current or potential defects.
  • The preparation of a written report detailing our findings together with recommendations for action to take to arrest any problems.
  • A fixed price quotation for us to carry out any remedial work necessary to reverse or prevent further damage.
For a more detailed look at some of the defects your property can encounter, click on the headings on the left.

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